600ML Black dye UV proof ink high quality for Epson T0551 black

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600ml 20oz bulk black ink for Epson T0551 cartridge This package includes 6 bottles of black 100ml dye ink which have been formulated to match your printer that uses Epson T0551 cartridges. They work best for our T0551 refillable cartridges. Each bottle comes with a funnel shape opening to facilitate easy refill. Our refillable T0551 cartridge holds up to 14ml of ink and this pack of bulk ink can fill it for approximately?42 times. This is like buying 42 pieces of T0551 cartridges for $20. Imagine how much money you will save! The official shelf life of the ink is 2 years. If you store it in a dark and cool place, it should last about 5 years without any degradation in quality. If you also need color inks, please look at our T0551 ~ T0556 combo bulk ink pack. Due to the liquid content this package can only be shipped within the USA and Canada.