Epson T124120 T1241 124 black refillable ink cartridges for stylus NX1 –

Epson T124120 T1241 124 black refillable ink cartridges for stylus NX125 NX127 NX130 NX230 NX420 workforce 320 323 325 435 AIO

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Refillable T124120 (T1241 black) Ink Cartridge for Epson Inkjet Printer with Resettable Chip* installed Easy to refill! Never run out ink! Save Money! For use on Epson Printers: Epson All-in-One Machines Epson Stylus NX125 All-in-One Printer Epson Stylus NX127 All-in-One Printer Epson Stylus NX130 All-in-One Printer Epson Stylus NX230 Small-in-One?All-in-One Printer Epson Stylus NX420 All-in-One Printer Epson WorkForce 320 All-in-One Printer Epson WorkForce 323 All-in-One Printer Epson WorkForce 325 All-in-One Printer Epson WorkForce 435 All-in-One Printer Epson T1241 compatible refillable BLACK ink cartridges (prefilled to full capacity with highest quality Japanese ink) (also known as T124120 or 1241) include: 1 x Refillable T124120 (also known as T1241) Compatible black ink cartridge, page yield 600, 13ml black ink. 1 x Detailed instructions (in English) for filling the ink cartridges and resetting the chips. * ISO9001 certified Please note we carry a full set of T124 refillable cartridges including black(1241), cyan(1242), magenta(1243) and yellow(1244). It's much cheaper buying the full set than buying this single black cartridge. You will need the other colors sooner or later. Please click this link for the full set *These cartridges are equipped with resettable chips. You can reset the ink level by yourself without the need for any special tool such as a chip resetter. Along with your order, we will include a photogaphic illustration on how to reset the chip. This procedure is incredibly easy and takes just a few seconds. The chip can be reset about 100 times or within a 3 year period(whichever comes first). You will only need to buy bulk ink from now on. The Advantages of Refillable Ink Cartridge over One time use Ink Cartridges High Quality of Refillable Cartridge easy refill directly from the refill hole. No Drill! No leak! No Mess! Great for all residential and business customers. Refill within 60 seconds! Anybody can do it! Incredible savings compared to the cost of cartridges. Each refill cost less than 10 cents! Save 99% off your printing cost! Easy Installation. True system ready for "Plug & Play". Never run out of ink at that inconvenient moment! No more Cartridges waste! Save the environment! No more un-use Ink waste! When one color runs out in a multicolor ink cartridge, usually you have to get a new cartridge and throw the whole cartridge away. Not any more! With our refillable cartridge, you just refill that color and drop the cartridge back into the printer. No more messy refills! Well, if you'd ever tried to refill an ink cartridge, you know how messy it can get. Not any more! With our cartridge, you don't need any special tools. Just unplug the empty ink chamber, use a syringe or our easy to use needle ink filling bottle to draw the correct amount of ink of corresponding color, inject the ink into the chamber and monitor the ink level through the clear plastic window at the side of the cartridge, plug the filling hole and that's it.