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3W Blue LED MR16 bulb replace 20W halogen

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These MR16 type bi-pin 12V spot light LED bulbs contain 3 pieces of 1W HEHO (High Efficiency High Output) LEDs to produce about 150~180 lumens, comparable to a 35W halogen bulb. LED MR16 bulbs lasts over 50,000 hours. If you keep it on 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, it won't burn out in 17 years! Each halogen bulb cost about $5 with average life around 1000 hours. This bulb cost about thrice as much as a typical halogen bulb but lasts 50 times longer. That's over $200 saved in bulb replacement cost! Plus, over the life of this bulb it will save you 1600KWh of electricity, which translate into $192 savings in electricity bill and 2144 pounds of carbon dioxide emission. Using just 3W, this bulb barely generate any heat and will extend the life of your lighting fixture over time. This LED bulb produces a blue glow Detailed Specifications: Socket: 2 pin 12V MR16 Volts: 12V Watts: 3 Beam Angle: 90? Lumens: 150~180 Equivalent halogen bulb wattage 30~35W LEDs: 3 piece of 1W HEHO LED emitter Usage: Spot lighting, recess lighting, tract lighting, reading light Size: 2.0" H x 2.0" Dia. Warranty: 2 Years Volume discount available! *May not be compatible with a small number of fixtures that use electronic transformer (ballast) that has minimal wattage requirement, because this bulb uses too little power compared to a normal halogen bulb. All magnetic transformers (ballasts) are compatible. All electronic transformers that do not have minimal wattage requirement will work with this LED bulb too. If in doubt, purchase just one, try it out and return it for full refund if it doesn't work.