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400ml pigment sublimation Ink for Epson refillable cartridges 44 60 73 125 124

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  • High quality UV proof ink (pigment based) won't clog your printheads. This ink is also a heat transfer/sublimation ink. We also sell cheaper dye ink. Please check our other listing at ebay. 
  • Please note, pigment inks are less vibrant in color than dye based inks. You may notice the printing results are a little more dull or subdued. This is due to the fact it's a pigment ink. 
  • This ink is mainly for those who want to do heat transfer, such as photo mugs etc. If you don't do sublimation/heat transfer printing, the pigments in this ink also last a long long time. The printouts are much more durable. Pigments last 30 times longer than regular dye. 
  • 100ml(3.3oz) each bottle. One color per bottle. We ship 1 bottle per color(total of 4 bottles) by default. If you need more of a particular color, such as black, let us know. We can always work with you to meet your needs. Each bottle can fill our refillable cartridge at least 9 times. So for $34 you are getting the equivalent of 36 cartridges. That's how much money you will be saving. 
  • Accurate colors. Formulated for your printer's best printing results
  • Economical. Filling each cartridge for less than 80 cents
  • Easy to use. The bottle has a snout which can pour ink accurately into the CISS reservoir. We also include one syringe and one blunt needle, if you feel more convenient to use the syringe and needle to inject ink into cartridge or CISS. If you want more syringes and needles please contact us right after you place the order for ink. A set of 4 syringes and needles cost just $3 if shipped together with the ink. 
  • Please note original or OEM Epson cartridges can not be refilled. You need a CISS system or our refillable cartridges in order to use these bulk ink. If you buy our refillable cartridge and ink together, we can issue a small partial refund since we can ship them together and save on shipping charge. 
  • Our pigment inks are triple filtered so it's guaranteed not to clog your printhead. Some cheap ink will clog your printhead after light usage and you need to throw your printer away. So don't skimp on ink. 

Free ink offer! If you buy 2 packs (4 bottles per pack, 100ml per bottle) of this sublimation pigment inks, you get to choose one bottle of free ink so you get 9 bottles in total(900ml ink in total). You can choose any of the four colors(black, cyan, magenta, yellow). You need to tell us your choice immediately after you complete the purchase by sending us an ebay message. We will then confirm your selection by replying to this message. If you buy 3 packs, you can choose 3 bottles of free ink(so you get 1500ml ink in total, 15 bottles in total). Again you need to tell us your choice immediately after you make your purchase. 

In the extreme rare situation that you want to return the inks, you need to return not only the ink you buy but also the free ink included in this offer. Incomplete return will result in partial refund.