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400ml UV Resistant Dye Ink for Epson stylus CX7800 DX3800 DX4800 C68 C88 C88+

Regular price $28.99

  • High quality UV proof ink (dye based) won't clog your printheads. We also sell pigment and sublimation ink. Please check our other listing at our ebay store 
  • 100ml(3.3oz) each bottle. One color per bottle. We ship 1 bottle per color(total of 4 bottles) by default. If you need more of a particular color, such as black, let us know. We can always work with you to meet your needs. Each bottle can fill our refillable cartridge at least 9 times. So for $18 you are getting the equivalent of 36 cartridges. That's how much money you will be saving. 
  • Accurate colors. Formulated for your printer's best printing results
  • Economical. Filling each cartridge for less than 40 cents
  • Easy to use. The bottle has a snout which can pour ink accurately into the CISS reservoir
  • Needs more black ink? Please contact us we have the ink pack with 400ml black ink
  • Please note original or OEM Epson cartridges can not be refilled. You need a CISS system or our refillable cartridges (if you are not sure which model you need, please send us a message. It's always a better idea to ask and confirm the model, than guessing. Some models sound similar but may be totally incompatible. You don't want to get upset after waiting a week and find out you've ordered the wrong ink cartridge, and we don't want to get upset when we ship the ink cartridges and a week later our customer finds out he/she ordered the wrong item and asks to return the item)  in order to use these bulk ink. If you buy our refillable cartridge and ink together, we can issue a small partial refund since we can ship them together and save on shipping charge